Emperor Longest Drive Golf Trophies

Emperor Longest Drive Golf Trophies

Manufacturer: Trend
SKU: T24-CR24354-439

Introducing the epitome of golfing excellence: the Emperor Crystal Longest Drive Golf Trophies. Crafted to honour the pinnacle of achievement on the fairway, these trophies boast an unparalleled blend of elegance and prestige.

At its foundation lies a sleek black cut crystal base, exuding sophistication and strength. Rising from its core is a resplendent 10mm thick crystal circle, adorned with a meticulously crafted golf ball and tee Longest Drive laurel wreath design. This symbolic emblem pays homage to the mastery of the long drive, capturing the essence of triumph and skill.

Available in two distinguished sizes - 125mm and 155mm - these trophies stand as towering monuments to accomplishment. Each trophy is meticulously detailed, ensuring every curve and contour reflects the dedication and precision of the game itself.

To personalise your tribute, an engraved plate awaits, ready to immortalise the name and achievement of the deserving recipient. Whether it be a record-breaking drive or a display of unwavering skill, this engraved plate serves as a timeless reminder of triumph.

Presented in a luxurious presentation box, these trophies elevate the moment of recognition, exuding opulence and reverence. From the pristine crystal to the intricate design, every aspect of these trophies speaks to the essence of excellence in golf.

For those who reach the pinnacle of the longest drive, the Emperor Crystal Longest Drive Golf Trophies stand as a testament to their dedication, skill, and unwavering pursuit of greatness.

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