Fusion Shard Star Achievement Trophies

Fusion Shard Star Achievement Trophies

Manufacturer: Trend
Old price: £15.00
SKU: T24-PA24023A-215

Introducing the Fusion Shard Star Achievement Trophy, an emblem of excellence and accomplishment. Crafted with precision and prestige, this trophy stands tall at 230mm, exuding an aura of sophistication and significance.

The trophy's design is a fusion of opulent gold and sleek carbon black, forming a hard shell that symbolises strength and resilience. Its heavyweight construction adds to its imposing presence, making it a coveted prize for achievers.

At the heart of the trophy lies a mesmerising silver metal scene depicting shooting stars, evoking the spirit of aspiration and reaching for the stars. This celestial motif serves as a reminder of the limitless possibilities awaiting those who dare to dream and strive for greatness.

Customisation options abound with a 1-inch standard centre, allowing for the inclusion of your team or club logo, further personalising the trophy to commemorate specific achievements or milestones.

Additionally, an engraved plate adorns the trophy, providing space for inscriptions of names, dates, or accolades, immortalising the accomplishments of the deserving recipient.

The Fusion Shard Star Achievement Trophy is more than just an award; it is a symbol of dedication, perseverance, and triumph, inspiring individuals to push beyond boundaries and reach for the stars in their pursuit of excellence.

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