iKon Tower Rugby Ball Trophies

iKon Tower Rugby Ball Trophies

Manufacturer: Trend
SKU: T24-PA24156-76

The Ikon Tower Rugby Trophies are exquisite representations of sporting excellence, crafted with meticulous detail and featuring a stunning blend of antique gold and silver detailing. These heavyweight awards are designed to symbolise the pinnacle of achievement in rugby, making them the perfect choice for honouring outstanding players, teams, or clubs.

Each trophy is adorned with a specially crafted resin trim, showcasing intricate details such as a rugby ball and stars. The combination of antique gold and silver elements, along with the meticulous resin trim, creates a sense of prestige and sophistication.

The Ikon Tower Rugby Trophies are available in five sizes, ranging from 125mm to 225mm, ensuring that you can choose the perfect size to suit the significance of the occasion. The smallest size comes with a plastic stand, providing stability, while still maintaining the elegant resin trim that characterises the entire collection.

Adding a personal touch to these trophies is made easy with a 1-inch rugby centre or the option to feature a custom club/team logo. The engraved plate further allows for customisation, making it possible to inscribe names, dates, or other details that commemorate the achievement being celebrated.

Whether it's a memorable individual performance, a team's remarkable victory, or the overall excellence of a rugby club, the Ikon Tower Rugby Trophies stand as a timeless symbol of achievement and dedication in the world of rugby. These trophies not only capture the essence of the sport but also reflect the pride and prestige associated with remarkable accomplishments on the rugby field.

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