Reflex 3D Crystal Football Trophies

Reflex 3D Crystal Football Trophies

Manufacturer: Trend
SKU: T24-CR24175-61

The Reflex 3D Crystal Football Trophy is a stunning and meticulously crafted award that combines elegance with a dynamic 3D design, making it a perfect choice for honouring achievements in football. This exquisite trophy features a crystal column that serves as the centrepiece, adorned with intricately laser-etched football boots and a ball in a captivating 3D format within the award.

The crystal column is skillfully mounted onto a cut crystal base, adding stability and a touch of sophistication to the overall design. Rising above the column is a remarkable 3D football, creating a visually striking representation of the sport.

Available in three different sizes, ranging from 180mm to 240mm, this trophy offers flexibility to suit various recognition needs. The range of sizes allows you to choose the perfect trophy to match the significance of the accomplishment being celebrated.

To personalise the trophy, an engraved plate is included, providing space for the recipient's name, achievement, or any other relevant details. This customisation adds a personal touch and transforms the trophy into a cherished memento.

For added convenience and a polished presentation, the Reflex 3D Crystal Football Trophy comes complete with a dedicated presentation box. This ensures that the trophy is not only a symbol of achievement but also a beautifully packaged and ready-to-present keepsake.

Overall, the Reflex 3D Crystal Football Trophy is a masterfully designed award that combines the artistry of 3D laser etching with the timeless elegance of crystal. It serves as a distinctive and memorable way to acknowledge excellence in football, making it a coveted prize for recipients and a symbol of prestige for any occasion.

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