Shard Pool Trophies

Manufacturer: Trend
Old price: £14.99
SKU: T24-PA24022A-109

This impressive shard heavyweight pool trophy stands tall at 230mm, making it a commanding presence in any trophy collection. The sleek gold to carbon black two tone column serves as a sophisticated backdrop for the captivating silver metal pool 8 ball scene that adorns it. The intricate detailing brings the excitement of the game to life, capturing the essence of triumph and skill.

As a popular award, this trophy is a stunning symbol of recognition and achievement in the world of pool. Its design seamlessly combines elegance with a dynamic sporting spirit, making it a coveted prize for players and teams alike.

The trophy's customisation adds a personal touch, thanks to the engraved plate that allows you to commemorate the recipient's accomplishment. The pool centre adds an extra layer of thematic relevance, emphasising the dedication and passion that characterise the beautiful game. Add your team logo for a small additional charge.

In summary, this shard heavyweight pool trophy is not just a symbol of victory; it's a work of art that celebrates excellence and commitment in the realm of pool.

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