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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What format does my image/photo need to be in?
A: Please provide your image in a jpeg format. Pictures must be the originals, pictures that have been cropped and that are of a small amount of K/Bytes we can not use, the pixels must be of a high resolution which means the quality will be good. We require them in a jpeg format, we cannot produce items using png files. We will not print products with small file size pictures, please do not be offended if we request a new image from you, we want you to be pleased with your order and if we feel an image isn’t suitable we will advise. Do not add the text to the image, we will do this for you, just advise where you would like it placed and your font preference if you have one.

Q: What is the character limit for text personalisation?

A: Unless specified in the product description we do not have a character limit.

Q: How long will it be before you dispatch my order?

A: Our dispatch terms are 5-10 working days as all items are personalised and made to order. If you need your order by a certain date before or within these dispatch terms please ensure you notify us of this when you place your order in the Comment/Additional Information section during the check out process.

Q: I'm having the same text on all the Achievement Awards I am purchasing do I need to fill the customise box in each time?

A: If there is no variation in the text you require all you need to do is fill the first item in and we will print the remaining awards with the same text.

Q: I'm ordering more than one of the same product but it keeps overwriting the first one in my basket. What am I doing wrong?

A: If you are ordering two or more of the same item with the exact same requirements i.e. same size, font and customisation, then you need to do this in one go. If you are ordering the same item but a different size then this needs to be done separately to the first two items you order.

For example you want to place an order for 5 t-shirts all with the same text customisation colour and font choice, 2 are sized 12, 1 is size 14 and 2 are size 16. You need to choose your size 12 from the drop down boxes and then select a quantity of 2, you then fill in the customisation for each top and then add to basket. You now do the same for the size 14 but just add a quantity of 1, enter your customisation and then add to basket. You repeat this step again for the 2 size 16 tops. In your basket you will then see the 5 t-shirts, 3 different sizes. Note: Your customisation can be different for each of the tops or the same, the key is the size that is different.